The joys of Denpasar & Kuta

Denpasar is the very busy capital of Bali. It’s home to an amazing airport but it’s not somewhere people would choose to stay. Because we had to extend our visas at the immigration office in Denpasar, we stayed in the city several times. Extending our visas was pretty straightforward, although it was a lengthy process. It would be so much easier to do it online!

The city itself isn’t touristy which was a plus, but walking anywhere was a nightmare. The roads were congested and the pavements were difficult to walk on. Everyone appears to drive and even the pavements were designed for peds to pull up on which is a shame.

We did stay in a basic, but brilliant hostel with surprisingly fast wi-fi. Morotai Camp Hostel was a little hard to find, but had comfy beds, amazing staff and a delicious free breakfast.

On one of our trips, we managed to find a local shopping mall where Sam & Emma got new good quality backpacks and sandals for a very reasonable price.

In between trips to the visa office, we decided to stay in Kuta for a couple of nights, purely because of WaterBom – an insane waterpark which I would recommend to anyone. The slides are out of this world!

However, I wouldn’t recommend Kuta. It’s a cross between Benidorm and Magaluf – full of tourists, touristy shops and traffic. Kuta beach is nice and we went to watch the sunset, but it was so busy it wasn’t enjoyable. We left Kuta very promptly after the waterpark and went to Canggu which was amazing.

A very busy Kuta beach at sunset.

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