Beach Clean up with Oceans5 Dive School

Every Friday at 5pm, Oceans5 Dive Resort hold a beach clean up along the beach in front of the dive school, where the boats arrive/leave.

The beach clean only took 30 minutes and it was insane how much plastic was on the 200m stretch of beach we cleared – everything from bottle tops, to rakes, flip flops and food packaging.

However, there were so many plastic straws. Straws are so damaging to the ocean’s animals and it’s something that we really don’t need. So next time you have a drink, refuse the straw- think of the turtles!! Or, get yourself a reusable straw and keep it forever.

We even managed to to get some local kids involved and taught them what to pick up from the beach. Educating the local children about the damaging affect of plastic in the oceans is so important, so they can lead the generations to come.

All the rubbish collected gets boated over to Lombok and taken to a recycling facility, where as much as possible is recycled.

If you’re on Gili Air on a Friday, head down to Oceans5 – you even get a free beer at the end as a thank you!

You can read more about the beach clean up and find out about Project AWARE – a charity that works to protect the oceans here (featuring our dive instructor!).


There were even more bags than this – I just didn’t manage to take the photo in time!


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