Vegetarian/Vegan Food on Gili Air 

We have been living like kings and queens on Gili Air. Vegetarian and vegan food is in abundance and it’s all really reasonably priced.

Below is a list of some of the places we ate. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures for everything because I was too excited to eat it!!

Blue Merlin Dive School Cafe

Habibi Bowl from Blue Merlin Dive School Cafe
This is the Habibi Bowl – packed full of red rice, grilled mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomatoes, hummus, bread and vegan tzatziki all for 50,000 IDR (£2.70). They have laods of other bowls, pizza and breakfast items. The cafe shuts about 8pm, but it’s perfect timing to grab a beachfront table to have an early dinner and watch the sunset.


Coffee & Thyme

Vegetarian T Wrap from Coffee & Thyme
Coffee & Thyme is the first cafe that you come across after getting off the boat and it’s part of the Oceans5 Dive School. My favourite item off the menu was the vegetarian T wrap – packed full of veggies, tofu & tempeh for 65,000 IDR (£3.50). Their coffee is also incredible and they have a good selection of vegan cakes.


Captain Coconuts

Vegan Lasagne from Captain Coconuts
This is a really bad photo but the vegan lasagne was incredible. It came with a delicious salad, packed with walnuts and apples for 70,000 IDR (£3.80), perfect for when you need a veggie boost. All of the menu is vegetarian and their smoothies are to die for.


Eazy Gili Waroeng

Gado-gado from Easy Gili Waroeng
Pictured is the gado-gado – a vegetarian Indonesian dish with veggies, tofu rice and peanut sauce. This was 30,000 IDR (£1.60). There are also a selection of other vegetarian dishes for a similar price, including a tempeh burger was also delicious.

Other places with veggie food:

  • Classico Italiano – a popular, authentic Italian restaurant that even serves a vegan pizza. The pizzas are huge and delicious.
  • Mowies – amazing food with loads of vegan & veggie options such as homemade pumpkin gnocchi and a delicious chickpea salad.
  • Gili Lumbung – the beach bar with the sea swing does an excellent gado-gado and a tofu burger. Perfect for sunset watching.

Gado-gado is always a safe bet for vegans, as well as vegetarian nasi-goreng (just make sure that they don’t add fish sauce). We never had any problems finding veggie food and there were so many places we didn’t get round to trying.

Please leave me a comment if you know of any more great veggie food on Gili Air.      🙂

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